Strongheart's helmet

Strongheart also had his helmet confiscated from him by Venger along with his golden hammer but the helmet does not seem to display any magical powers. It seems odd though that Venger would confiscate his helmet but not his armour.


  1. It seems obvious the helm has wings and would provide flight. It would be taken so as to keep him from escaping the dungeon but the rest of his armor is conventional and can neither be used as a weapon or for escape. That was just always my take on it.

  2. I don't know if it's only in the Brazilian dub, but Strongheart states that he had ONE magical totem that was confiscated from him years ago, when he was incarcerated - his golden hammer. And when he breaks out of prison with the kids and they find his golden hammer and helmet, he clearly states they now have two magical totems - his hammer and Bobby's magical club. I still need to watch this episode in English to be certain, though.