Storyline 1: Diana's Wisdom

On the occasion of her birthday, the Dungeon Master presents Diana with one half of a lovely amulet. He calls it a gift of "wisdom." She asks where the other half is and where's the wisdom? He answers, "When you find one, you shall find the other" and then vanishes without further explanation.

Puzzled, our heroes press on... but, when they reach the next town, a whole village of troll-like little people fall to their knees before Diana. It was written that the great woman warrior would someday return to rule the town and that she would be identified by the amulet she wore. Despite Diana's protests that she is not who they think she is, she is crowned and she and her friends are treated like royalty -- fed the finest food, offered great riches, waited on hand and foot. It reminds Eric of home, he says.

Diana tries running the town and, for a time has, has a wonderful and succesful time of settling petty squabbles and injustices. When Hank suggest they move on, Diana doesn't want to leave: Where else can she be treated like this?

Reluctantly they leave without her... only to chance on a band of cut-throats heading for the town to ransack and plunder. They're captured and tossed into the Pit of Eternity: a black chasm of quicksand-like consistency... as the villains ride off to destroy Diana's town.

Can they get away and help Diana? Can Diana, as leader, lead a town of unarmed gnomes against the well-armed savage hords? And just what is the wisdom she will learn?


  1. this storyline and premuse transcripts would have nade good stories for nother season-provided that 2 nd 3 seasons episodes were keep in one season instead of being devided...even when it was rerun a few years later the opening teaser was different-in the first run it showed Diana confronting a multi heded dragon and Eric calling to dungeonmaster to save them..In the subsequent reruns it shows the kids at the park then going into the magical relm-where they get their weopeons; as they climb a cliff venger fires a magical bolt at them which deflects odd eric shield and his a dragon...of well these used script s could turn up in the comic book series..if this is still published!

  2. by the way..if it had bben renewed and if requiriam had been made-they coulf always had a Venger who was not redeemed==of course Rquarim was a cliffhanger -if the series was renewed or not-all together the made and unmae storylies would have been about 3 seasons--just about right -of course like gilligans island they never get home....keep the storyline going....