Storyline 2: Kanto versus Lorvi

In the valley of Bao, our heroes separate into two groups to search for the answer of a riddle presented to them by the Dungeon Master.

Hank, Sheila and Bobby encounter what they think is a good King -- King Kanto -- who enlists their aid in a war against the evil (?) hordes of King Lorvi across the valley. Meanwhile Diana, Presto and Eric are enlisted by what they think is a good King -- King Lorvi -- to help vanquish the evil (?) hordes of King Kanto which, King Lovri "proves", are out to destroy his people.

Each team of our heroes think they are on the side of right. Not so -- but, before they realise their mistake and that both sides are in the wrong, four of the six of them have been captured: The unlikely team of Sheila and Presto is all that gets away -- and it is to them that falls the responsibilty of rescuing Hank and Bobby from King Lovri and Diana and Eric from King Kanto!

And, watching over all of this is the careful, cold eye of Venger -- just waiting for the moment when he can seize our heroes' magical artefacts.

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