Storyline 3: In The Land of Forever

The latest clue from the Dungeon Master says that the way home may be in the land of Forever. But where is the land of Forever?

The trail leads to... nowhere. Until they look up. There it is, resting on a cloud high above the desert floor. Now the first problem is -- how to get there? And once they achieve that, how to get inside?

And once they do get inside it, what they find is... their hometown! Hank leads them through a door and they are suddenly on their old streets only with one difference. There are no people around, anywhere -- just them! This is an alternate world... a world exactly like the one they've dreamed of returning to but with one difference: No people! Hank and the kids can't resist frolicking through the town... walking into the movie theatre, helping themselves to the candy store and so on. It seems like a dream existence but, at about the same time they begin to realise how empty this world is without others, a pack of Venger's men arrives, having followed them here.

The "men" are empty suits of armour that cannot be destroyed: Knock one to pieces and it instantly reassembles! The "men" want their magical artefacts and, in a battle played out in the deserted streets of their hometown, there seems to be no way to stop them.


  1. Now this is a storyline of good challenge! One rife with possibilities. Hmmmmm.....

  2. I of the 13 transcripts and storyboards...never used....enough for the 4th and last season....nevermade...alas