Storyline 4: Gamesman's Gambit

The latest directions from the Dungeon Master send our heroes deep down into an underground civilisation where they find themselves in the lair of the Gamesman.

The Gamesman is a wild-eyed gent with a high-pitched laugh who informs them that they are to play a game with him... with their magical artefacts at stake. They cannot leave for the way out is blocked by Rogull.

They enter into the game of trying to find the Gamesman in his underground labyrinth. If they find him, they win; if he imprisons them, they lose their weapons. One by one, he captures them... until, finally, our heroes are stripped of all their powers and deposited in a dungeon.

The Gamesman takes their artefacts and goes off to play the biggest game of his life; he will wager them all against Venger with control of this land as the prize.

Can our heroes break out of the dungeon -- without any powers -- and slip past Rogull to reclaim their weapons before the Gamesman loses them all to Venger and, in doing so, loses the entire world?

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  1. if the 4th season had come on...without Venger changing to good....what an episode this would have been...!