Terri and her dog Freddy entered the Realm in the same way that the heroes did; on the Dungeons & Dragons roller-coaster ride. However, she was not mentored by Dungeon Master or given a totem and the heroes find her captured by lizard men after discovering her abandoned car and then being led to her by Freddy.

She has the power to dream the future and this is probably connected to her heart-shaped locket that glows whenever she has a precognitive dream. She has three such dreams. Her first off-screen dream is her rescue by the heroes and instructs Diana to move away from a tree, thwarting two lizard men who jump out from the foliage and try to capture her. Her second dream is about the portal, Venger, the pyrohydra and the Maze of Darkness but more importantly the path to the middle. Her third dream is of her reunion with Bobby after class when he returns her locket. Venger is fascinated with Terri's precognition and wants to kidnap here, adding "I must find the source of the girl's power; then I shall see into tomorrow and she will dream no more!"

After a period of indifference Bobby develops respect for Terri when she tries to rescue him from a pyrohydra simply by pounding her fists on its chest as he is impressed by her bravery.

Terri returns home through the maze's portal with her dog Freddy but not before handing Bobby her locket so that he can return it to her when he manages to reach home again; as foretold by her dream.

When Bobby is rude and calls Terri a little girl Sheila admonishes him by saying that she is the same age as him. This would make Terri roughly nine years old.

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