Tiamat the dragon

Tiamat is the queen of the dragons in the Realm.

She is a red dragon with a golden-maned head that speaks and breathes fire but she also has two coloured heads either side that are mute and have different breath weapons. The outer left head is a black dragon's that spits acid, the inner left head is a blue dragon's that spits electrical bolts, the inner right head is a green dragon's that breathes chlorine gas, and the outer far right head is a white dragon's that breathes cold.

She is Venger's nemesis and the reason he wants the heroes' totems is so that he can use their combined mystic energy to either enslave or kill her, as Tiamat is the one creature that he cannot defeat unaided.

One weakness that Tiamat shares with the rest of her species is the herb called dragonbane.

Tiamat is the guardian of the Dragon's Graveyard although it is not specified whether this is her lair or whether she has many lairs across the Realm. In The Box episode Venger seems to stumble upon Tiamat's lair in the form of a cavern with an enormous door with the dragon behind it, although this could be a subterranean part of the Dragon's Graveyard. While at the beginning of The Night Of No Tomorrow episode she is sleeping in an ordinary cave.

Tiamat can open up wormholes, but she may only be able to do this to and from the Dragon's Graveyard as she has never been shown to create wormholes elsewhere and favours flight.

Excluding the cartoon's introduction sequence and the illusory cameo she makes in The Last Illusion, Tiamat appears in only four episodes.

At the beginning of The Night Of No Tomorrow episode Uni infuriates Tiamat by disturbing her in a cave while testing the mountain's echo properties. The heroes seal her in the cave with a boulder but she escapes and tracks them down to Merlin's castle where they trap her in a dungeon but release her later so that she can battle Venger. In that episode she is last seen rampaging through the castle's walls trying to locate a fleeing Venger.

In the Hall of Bones episode she is seen battling Venger who thinks he can defeat her using the heroes' depleted totems. He challenges her by announcing himself as her master but she refutes the boast saying that she has no master.

She makes a cameo in The Box episode when Venger finds himself in a cavern and opens a giant door to find Tiamat behind it.

But her limelight is the Dragon's Graveyard episode. The heroes teleport there and beg Tiamat for help in defeating Venger. Initially she is enraged by their trespassing but on hearing that they want to defeat her nemesis she cooperates by telling them that they must battle Venger in the graveyard as their totems are more powerful there. She creates a wormhole to the Realm, flies through, bursts into Venger's castle, creates a wormhole back to the graveyard and knocks him through with a powerful beat of her wings. She then observes the weighted battle between the heroes and Venger without further intervention and does not react when she witnesses the heroes spare Venger's life.

The heroes first encounter Tiamat in the cartoon's introduction sequence where Uni is fleeing from her stampeding path, but it is not clear whether the dragon is chasing the unicorn or rendezvousing with the nearby Venger for battle.

Tiamat takes her name from the Babylonian sea goddess who gave birth to dragons but was not a dragon herself.

The cartoon was originally going to use a fire-breathing red dragon called Rogull but Tiamat replaced this idea.


  1. It was so cool to see Tiamat in the series,A few more episodes would of been ever cooler.But a great character never the less.

  2. I miss this catoon when I was a kid. Dundeon Maste, Tiamat, and Venger were basically indestructable. I would love to see a remake of the animated series with real life/CGI characters.

  3. I wouldn't want a remake. Chances are they'd screw it up.

  4. And in Baldur's Gate II it's revealed that she ate the kids and Uni :D

  5. Sucks they never showed Bahamut in the series. That would've been badass.

  6. Hello, all:

    Did Tiamat really eat the party?

    Please offer further insight -- I'd love to learn more about this turn of events.

  7. There is no turn of events AFAIK. Just an easter egg in the Adventurer's Mart in Baldur's Gate II in the form of two paintings with clickable text.

    Incidentally, when clicked it says they were part of a group of FOUR adventurers and because of Hank's likeness to the blonde guy in Scooby-do I always took it for a reference to that show, since they were actually four (if you don't count dogs as adventurers.)

  8. Still can't believe this cartoon has not been re booted.