The Time Lost

Outside in a clearing the heroes are despondent over not being able to make it through a portal home that they found in the Castle of Clouds. Bobby is grooming Uni's mane and Presto is giving Eric a haircut when an electrical bolt strikes nearby. They are being attacked by a blue dragon. Hank fires an energy arrow at the dragon but it is chased off by a futuristic jet firing its lasers at it.

The jet is Starfire One-Niner and the pilot is issuing a mayday over his radio while fighting the dragon. The heroes are jubilant at the intervention but disappointed when the jet flies off leaving them behind; the pilot having not spotted them. Diana wonders whether the jet is actually from Earth as she doesn't recognise its futuristic design. Hank decides to climb down the mountainside and follow the direction the jet went. Eric is reluctant but when a landslide started by a stray shot from the jet seals the exit the heroes have no choice but to descend.

The jet pilot continues to issue a mayday but is then pursued by a nightmare-mounted Venger, demanding that he surrender the plane to him. The astonished pilot flees at speeds approaching Mach one but Venger is still able to keep pace.

Near the bottom of the mountain the heroes meet Dungeon Master who explains that the jet did come from Earth but through a portal that endangers both them and their home world. He then turns a flower into an obscuring cloud of petals and disappears.

At the Crystal of Chronos the pilot has been captured and imprisoned by Venger along with four others; a Samurai, a Union soldier, an astronaut and a Viking. Outside shadow demon praises the jet's technology and wonders whether the pilot would be suitable for his master's plan but Venger disagrees saying that he needs a Nazi pilot from World War II. As if obeying the Crystal of Chronos opens and a Messerschmitt flies through from a battlefield, crashing some ten kilometres away.

The heroes see the crash and rush to help, freeing the pilot from the wreckage. Confused by events, he introduces himself as Josef Mueller and when quizzed points to where the portal is. Not recognising the plane as  a Messerschmitt and thinking he is from a circus air show the heroes head towards the Crystal of Chronos taking Josef along with them.

Later Venger and shadow demon reach the burning plane. Shadow demon comments that the Messerschmitt is useless but Venger quells the smoke to reveal the Luftwaffe insignia, stating that it is the pilot he wants.

The heroes and Josef stop to have a picnic conjured from Presto's hat. When Diana describes his plane as an antique and Hank confirms that they are no longer made Josef realises that decades have passed and the war is over. Hating the conflict he is elated at being given a new chance in a new world and goes to a river to secretly removes his Luftwaffe insignia but the heroes follow him and quiz him. He confesses to being a Nazi and hating the conflict and the heroes are understanding and offer to take him back to contemporary Earth with them.

Venger intervenes and abducts Josef and the heroes are left to deal with a forest fire that sprung up from the brief battle. Presto tries to conjure a fire extinguisher but conjures a can of whipped cream instead. Hank douses the forest fire by blowing up a nearby waterfall with an energy arrow which floods the area.

Grabbing onto a log they are washed downstream where they meet Dungeon Master who explains that Venger wants to use the Crystal of Chronos to erase the heroes by altering Earth's history. Walking on water Dungeon Master wanders off downstream.

Venger deposits Josef at the Crystal of Chronos and explains that he wants to return him through the crystal but in the Starfire One-Niner jet where he can win the war with its superior weaponry. Josef seemingly agrees.

The heroes reach the Crystal of Chronos and are dismayed to discover that Josef is working for Venger. Venger explains to them that with Germany winning World War II their parents will never meet and they will never be born; effectively erasing them existence.

Josef flies the jet off and the heroes attack Venger with Hank refusing to shoot the plane out of the sky. The Crystal of Chronos opens a portal back to the battlefield but instead of flying through it Josef betrays Venger and begins firing at the crystal.

With the crystal damaged the Starfire One-Niner pilot and other prisoners disappear, presumably returning back from when and where they were abducted. Josef then ejects from the plane and parachutes through the portal as the plane smashes into the crystal, destroying it. Caught in the explosion Venger and nightmare are apparently destroyed.

A tearful Diana doesn't understand why Josef returned to the war but Dungeon Master appears and explains that he returned to defect by helping the allied forces; ensuring victory and the heroes' future.


  1. A very different take on the show this i thought,it brought more of "our" world in to it,good idea i think in a strange way. A brave idea which works well in the end.

  2. The audio is a bit off in this episode, and it always bothered me...which is probably why it's my least favorite in the series.