Uni the unicorn

Uni is a filly unicorn who the heroes meet when she is fleeing from an angered Tiamat. Afterwards she befriends the heroes with Bobby adopting her as a pet.

She communicates by bleating words but the phrases are often repeating what somebody has just suggested as means of affirmation. She even mutters an incantation while gripping Presto's hat in her mouth during  P.R.E.S.T.O. Spells Disaster and manages to conjure a flying carpet.

Uni belongs to a herd of unicorns that live in a valley concealed behind a waterfall, and on meeting the leader called Silvermane she learns how to teleport by copying him where it is revealed that the alicorn (a unicorn's horn) lets unicorns teleport once per day. Like other unicorns, if she loses her alicorn she becomes grey, enfeebled and unable to teleport. However, despite learning this Uni only teleports in one other episode (the Prison Without Walls) and only when prompted by Bobby. After discovering the unicorn herd Uni chooses to continue with the heroes instead of remaining in the valley.

The Series Bible describes Uni as being like a bloodhound who sniffs out trouble, and she tracks Sir John in Eye Of The Beholder and helps Freddy the dog sniff out breakfast in The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow. Uni also displays suspicious behaviour towards the evil Karena in the Citadel of Shadow and Venger disguised as a flying warrior in The Last Illusion when the other heroes are oblivious. In the City At The Edge Of Midnight Uni wakes just before midnight as if sensing the  arrival of the Nightwalker.

In the Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior Uni casts no reflection in one of the magical mirrors that reflect the viewer's fear. This could imply she has no deep-rooted fear to exploit or that being a unicorn she is not eligible to become a Celestial Knight so the mirror ignores her presence, reflecting nothing instead.

In the Maze Of Darkness she is unaffected by one of the hypnotic light traps that make people attack each other.  

She likes carrots and baked potatoes, as shown in The Hall Of Bones and The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn respectively but Eric confirms that her diet is grass at the end of Treasure Of Tardos.

A common misconception is that the kids never make it home because Uni always got into trouble and had to be rescued at the expense of the portal to the amusement park closing. This never happened in any episode. On two occasions Bobby was reluctant about returning to the amusement park because it would mean leaving Uni behind but his reticence was never at the expense of a portal's time frame (The Eye Of The Beholder and Day Of The Dungeon Master). Uni even followed the kids home into the amusement park briefly before returning to the Realm with them (Beauty And The Bogbeast).

However, despite never preventing the heroes from returning home Uni has caused them quite a few problems. In The Night Of No Tomorrow she wakes an angered Tiamat while testing a mountain's echo properties. In The Eye Of The Beholder she unearths a giant scorpion that attacks the heroes and later on makes Bobby sneeze by brushing her tail against his nose and causing him to blow out the candles on a birthday cake that is providing an illuminating defence against the snail people. In P.R.E.S.T.O Spells Disaster, startled by a drunk, Uni leaps through a window and into a tavern where she is captured by a three-headed ogre. In The Treasure Of Tardos Uni sneezes and alerts an army of orcs although Eric was responsible for kicking up dust and causing her to sneeze. Uni is especially unhelpful in The Box when the exhausted heroes are hauling Zandora's box to Skull Mountain she is acting as a reverse pack mule and sitting on top of it, adding to the weight, and earlier on she alerted the heroes to the illusory Skull Mountain trap.


  1. A lot of my friends didn't like Uni,but i thought from a kids point of view its a good idea to show friendship to an almost alien animal,it worked out good in my opinion.

  2. Uni the unicorn is the second most viewed article on here (sandwiched precariously between Tiamat the dragon and Venger) plus the third most popular keyword phrase to find this site; so she must have more than her fair share of fans.

    1. i looked for uni to know if she was trully evil or it wasjust theories.i think a lot did that too

  3. ...and yet no one down there likes her. I suppose while Uni's the #3 popular #2 viewed article here, but she's '#1 with a bullet'!

    ...because many people think she's the reason the kids never get home! (which isn't always true)

  4. and when I say "...no one down there likes her", I'm talking about your 'Favorite Character?' poll down there.

  5. I totally love Uni! She is an awesome and lovely companion. Never could hate her for being the obstacle between the troupe and their way home cause of her funny, clumsy (and cute!) personality! The character of a defenceless pet could be a terrible choice, but I really think Uni is very well done.

    She always has very good moments in the episodes and the connection between her and Bobby is absolutely comprehensible for everyone who had and loved a pet once.

    (It's not HER fault if Hank never had a conversation with the troupe about what would they do about her when they finally be able to get back!)

  6. actually Hank in "Eye of the beholder" and Eric in "Dya of the dungeonmaster" answear Bobbi plea about Uni going with them is that Uni must stay as she cannot survive in the kids world -she is after all semi magical creature of the realm,,and the kids weopns do not work in the real world as well The Box