Venger is an evil wizard who wants to impose his tyrannical rule on the whole of the Realm.

Venger is distinguished by his pale skin, fangs and barbed bat-like wings, but more iconically by a singular horn on the left side of his head. It is unknown whether Venger ever had two horns and lost the right one, although there is a two-horned statue dressed similar to Venger in one of his castles but this is viewed from the back so the identity is hidden. Possibly it could be a statue of Venger from when he had two horns.

Venger's conquest of the Realm is prevented by Tiamat the dragon as he cannot defeat her and needs the six magical totems that the Dungeon Master gave the heroes which would increase his sorcery to a level where he could finally rival his dragon nemesis. He has confronted Tiamat once with the totems and used their combined magic to fire mystic bolts at her but as the totems were depleted he failed to defeat the dragon.

Venger's other nemesis is the Dungeon Master who gave the six totems he needs to defeat Tiamat the dragon to the heroes and then helps them to foil Venger's schemes with his cryptic advice. Other than the Dungeon Master's constant interference their rivalry has another aspect because the Dungeon Master is revealed to be Venger's father. This is implied at the end of the Dragon's Graveyard episode when the Dungeon Master refers to Venger as his son but confirmed in the Requiem script where he thanks the heroes for restoring his son to him by redeeming Venger of all evil influence with Venger addressing the Dungeon Master as his father. Whether the Dungeon Master is Venger's biological or adoptive father is not confirmed, and even Presto jokingly comments that there's not a big family resemblance.

Venger also has a sister named Karena who is evil like her brother. Sibling rivalry and a dispute over ownership of the Ring of the Heart resulted in Venger imprisoning his sister in an enchanted cave in the Hills of Never.

Venger was originally a noble human but millennia ago made a pact with the Nameless One and chose to be mentored by the evil entity. This tutorship in sorcery would cost him both his humanity and human form, with the essence of his former self being locked inside a cenotaph located at the edge of the Realm. If the key to that vault is ever used to unlock it then Venger would be redeemed of evil and transformed back into his human and humane self. At the end of the Treasure Of Tardos episode Dungeon Master hints at this history by mentioning that there was good in Venger once but a long time ago, adding that everyone makes mistakes and that Venger was his.

Venger commands armies of monsters such as orcs, bullywugs and lizard men but relies especially on a shadow demon for spying. For locomotion Venger favours his nightmare steed; a demonic black horse that can fly.

Venger's body has been destroyed six times but he has somehow managed to resurrect himself. In all but one of these destructions his phantom self can be seen fleeing the place of his demise.

Dungeon Master describes Venger as a force of evil and warns the heroes about Venger's many faces of evil as he is prone to disguising himself as other people, although he has only practised such deception four times in the series to imitate Merlin, Hector the halfling, a prisoner in his own castle and a flying warrior.

Venger has a weakness in the form of the heart stones; crimson gems that by his own admission are the one element in the Realm that he is powerless against. He cowers from one such gem and has to get shadow demon to dispose of it, but when confronted with many he shatters into similar crimson shards and flees in a cloud of these gem fragments to resurrect elsewhere.

Venger appears in twenty of the twenty-seven episodes.


  1. I tried to find your email address here, but couldn't, so I'll use the comment section (feel free to delete this comment if you wish). I was wondering what your take would be if someone insisted that Venger is a Cambion. It's news to me, but it has been said. I and a friend have done a little research on the matter, and I can see how one might consider him such, but I'm not convinced (and neither is my friend). I wanted to know your thoughts. Thank you.

  2. /digs out 4th edition Monster Manual

    Hmmm... "Cambions are the offspring of devils and depraved or unwitting mortals, inheriting the worst traits of each parent."

    Venger certainly seems to fit the bill but if you're a stickler for canonicity a few problems crop up. If the Dungeon Master is Venger's biological father (rather than an adoptive one or just the word father being used as a metaphor for mentor) then could you describe him as being depraved or unwitting. Depraved? No. Unwitting? Maybe, I suppose anybody can be duped by a devilish succubus and the Dungeon Master is not infallible. I try not to dwell on the Dungeon Master's sex life so let's move swiftly on... If you count Requiem as canon it's made clear that Venger was a noble human who entered into a demonic pact with the Nameless One where he gained his fangs, horn/s and bat wings. So this would indicate that Venger is not a cambion as he was not born looking like he currently does.

  3. The cambion first appeared in the Monster Manual II which was published in 1983 and the cartoon first aired in September of the same year. It's possible that Venger's look was based on the Monster Manual's cambion entry or that the cambion entry was based on Venger.

    The 4th edition illustration certainly looks like a two-horned Venger but I'd have to dig out the '83 Monster Manual II to see if the original cambion illustration is similar to Venger.

    It's all very chicken and egg; what came first Venger or the Monster Manual II cambion?

  4. Yeah, that's too close together to call, but interesting to think about. I didn't even know the word until a few days ago. I'd say he's not a cambion. (But then, hmm, it'd actually fit very nicely with a certain fic I'm working on. lol) Thank you for your input.

  5. My view of venger is his true father is dungeon master,but he made a pact with an evil wizard. And in the Day Of The Dungeon Master episode we see a gigantic statue of a two-horned figure from the rear in his castle. I always believed this to be his "master" or the wizard who turned him evil.

  6. Venger is no Cambion as he was originally human and of noble birth; Requim suggests that he is Dungeon Master's son, also, in the Dragon's Graveyard, Dungeon Master prevents Hank from killing Venger, and it is alluded that he is DM's son when DM teleports Venger away. In Day of the Dungeon Master, there is a statue resembling Venger, but the statue is most likely the Nameless One; I can't remember the episode where the Nameless One returns to the Realm, but in said episode, it is stated that the Nameless One is Venger's Master. Wow, I love u guys! Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's and early 90's were the best! Each of us saw Saturday morning as a special time without equal! My sons are 3 and 7, and I have, methodically, removed their access to all 24 hour cartoon channels, even via the internet, and I have purchased almost every 80's Saturday morning cartoon DVD's which we watch together on Saturday mornings! My boys love D & D, as well as Robotech (even Mospadea and Southern Cross), Thunder Cats, Silver Hawks, Voltron, Ultraman, Battle of the Planets (Gotchamen), He-Man, She-Ra, Star Blazers, G I Joe, Dark Star, Land of the Lost, and a few others. It's like I've deprogrammed them from today's foolish nonsense, and, amazingly enough, their behavior has improved, as well as their grasp of basic morality. Now, my wife and I are seeking cartoons from the old Nickelodeon goons, like Spatacus and the Sun Beneath the Sea, City of Gold, etc. for them to watch after school.

  7. My kids are still too young for that, but I plan on doing something similar when they're of age.

    Back on topic, Karina is Venger's sister and she's human as well. (even tho, she's got wings after changing from her purple dress to her "Venger garb"

  8. also what race is dungeon master?
    back in the 80's they had an article in dragon magazine about the cartoon that gave exact stats for everyone and the magic weapons of the kids. didnt readit but was told about by a friend.
    point being, my friend said that venger had done battle with a pit fiend, and somehow ended up merging with the pit fiend, becoming half human, half pit fiend. that would explain the one horn, and why he is so evil and powerful.


  9. Based on Karena's apparent lack of wings prior to getting her ring back and the description of human Veneer in Requires, would it be possible that the wings are a product of the garb and not physical anatomy? Perhaps the horn is too?

  10. Dungeon Master did not prevent Hank from destroying Venjer in The Dragon's Graveyard. Hank decided on his own to free Venjer from Presto's spell rather than kill him as he would be 'no better than Venjer' if he did. Dungeon Master didnt even appear until after this decision had already been made ...

  11. Venger is destroyed a few times throughout the series but always resurrects. Could he be a lich?

  12. My guess is he has one horn because he´s not the ultimate Evil. The two horn statue is what´s he aspires to be.

  13. Venger Vs Skeletor would be a incredible fight.

  14. Great site I just stumbled upon. I see a lot of debate where people ask why Venger has one horn or they take a educated guess. However, if you watch the extras on the DVDs, they state that they were originally going to go with 2 horns, however the animator suggested 1 horn in order to be different and they went with it. So Venger never had 2 horns and had one ripped off, or aspiring to get his second horn.

  15. Venger was the best character of the series. It was a pitty that the final chapter was not filmed.

  16. Does anyone know if Venger had appearances in other shows?

    I caught a glimpse of (a statue of) Venger in the cartoon movie, "Big Hero 6." Also, on the TV show "One Upon A Time," one of the assembled evil mages (the first time the Evil Queen tried to enact her Drk Curse) in the 2nd episode of Season 1 looked a lot like Venger, but I can't be sure.

    Does anyone know anything about this or other times Venger was in any other show?