The Winds Of Darkness

A panicked Bobby is running through a leafless forest at night, imploring the Dungeon Master to help. He stumbles and falls.

In a town a mob of angry townsfolk have cornered Martha as she begs for a place to spend the night. One townsfolk mentions the lunar eclipse and that the Darkling will return. Martha denies having anything to do with the creature but is not believed.

Meanwhile Diana and Eric are fending off a purple fog while the others tend to Hank whose leg has become translucent purple. The Darkling appears and mocks them.

Bobby runs into the town begging for help with the purple fog. The townsfolk hearing this become scared and flee, leaving Martha unharmed. She and Bobby ride off in her caravan with her pet Gweekin but he is dismayed to find that she is not going to help Hank and wonders where Dungeon Master is. Martha seems to know who Dungeon Master is and has a change of heart, turning her caravan around to find Hank.

By now Hank is fully translucent purple and in a final effort to fight the fog he enters it but vanishes in a puff of purple smoke. Bobby and Martha arrive but are too late. The Darkling seems to know who Martha is and disappears, having claimed his victim.

The following morning Martha explains that the Darkling creates that fog and that his victims are never seen again. While she is planning to leave Dungeon Master appears and a scoffing Eric reminds him of his riddle about seeking the light bearer in the Forest of Dark and that only when light embraces the dark will darkness be destroyed. Dungeon Master admits that he cannot help them with Hank so the disenchanted heroes ride off in Martha's caravan. Martha has an embittered relationship with the Dungeon Master claiming that he ruined her life.

Stopping for lunch somewhere halfway between Mindrel and Shalderon Sheila and Diana find a black and white framed photograph of Martha's family but do not press her further about it. She urges them not to find the Darkling and explains that every thirty-three years he appears and takes one victim every night and that he has done so for the past thousand years. His magic grows with the lunar eclipse and when he takes his hundredth victim his winds of darkness will extinguish all light in the Realm forever.

Martha and the heroes continue to Mindrel to stay the night where they will be safe. Martha enters the city to purchase rooms while the heroes stay outside but the Darkling attacks and abducts Gweekin and a flying bug. Returning from Mindrel Martha intervenes and glows with an aura of bright light that shields the heroes and repels the purple fog. Thwarted, the Darkling disappears.

Eric guesses that Martha must be the light bearer that Dungeon Master spoke of but dispirited she refuses to help the heroes and rides off, advising them that the Darkling can be found in the Grotto of Darkness to the west. Dungeon Master appears and annoys them with a further riddle about light and darkness.

Martha changes her mind about abandoning the heroes and turns her caravan around.

At the grotto the Darkling confronts the heroes while Sheila runs inside with Hank's bow and Presto conjures his hat into sucking in the purple fog like a vacuum cleaner. Martha intervenes with her light aura and grabs the Darkling, destroying him.

There is a blinding flash of purple light from the chambers inside the Grotto of Darkness and the heroes and Martha investigate to find all the people the Darkling abducted unharmed, and are reunited with Hank and Gweekin.

Outside the heroes thank Martha but she thanks them for helping her to find the courage to confront the Darkling. Dungeon Master appears and says that there is a great magician named Quinn who may be able to help the heroes return home.


  1. Must say i liked this episode,always wanted venger to fight the darkling,both seem pretty sure that they are the big boss. Bit sad it was the last one to be showed,i remember waiting as a child for the next adventure:-/

  2. Re-boot this cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on producers!

  3. anyone know what Martha's pet quicken is.

  4. a bit weak in the storyline-the Cave of the Fairy dragons was more in keeping with the spirit of D & D

  5. great promise but weak and convential