Yugol And The Curse Of Stone

Our band of heroes is being chased by a dreaded Gryphon onto a slender rope bridge. There is no way to go but across -- the drop is thousands of feet! The Gryphon catches up... chews through the rope... the bridge collapses, it looks like a quick end to our story.

Diana's gymnastic agility saves them from destruction, though they are left clinging to the bridge now dangling from one side of the chasm. They climb up to safety -- and to a meeting with the Dungeon Master. He gives them a charm against stone (though no one can figure out why they need such a charm) and warns them to stay together if the charm is to protect them all.

They find themselves in the land of the Tolpits, and of their king Yugol. Yugol, it turns out, has been turned to stone by the evil sorceress Skylla, but the curse, and the peril for our heroes, doesn't stop there.

Part of the curse is that whatever Yugol looks at also turns to stone. Surrounding his little stone body are "statues" of other unfortunates. He is stone so can't close his eyes and protect his people. All he can do is talk in a very muffled voice -- and weep. This would prevent no danger to our charmed heroes but for Sheila, impetuously running ahead to "scout" for the band, out of the protective circle of the charm, and into Yugol's gaze. Sheila turns instantly to stone!

The rest of our heroes must now seek the dreaded Skylla and reverse the spell to release Sheila and Yugol. They quickly reach the border of the land of the Tolpits -- and find it guarded by a Sandman.

They soon learn that the charm against stone does not work against the Sandman's powers, and Eric and Bobby are put to sleep. They're not hurt but the sleep is irreversible for a definite period of time. Diana, Hank and Presto must move on without them.

As they approach Skylla's tower, they run into her henchman, the Gargoyle. Hank, Diana and Presto are prepared to fight if they must (since Presto can't seem to pull anything useful out of his hat) but they are no match for the Gargoyle alone. It seems pretty dark when the Gargoyle inexplicably turns and runs -- into the winding staircase leading up to Skylla's tower.

The tower is a narrow, cave-like dwelling, with a feeble old woman sitting by the hearth. She seems kindly and lulls Diana and Presto into relaxing, though Hank remains suspicious, on guard. She entices them to sit with her and when they do... she turns into her natural form: Skylla, the beautiful, evil sorceress.

Skylla materializes a glimmering, golden cage around them, trapping them and leaves the Gargoyle -- waiting in the shadows -- to guard them.

In the meantime Eric and Bobby wake from their induced slumber and fly on Eric's shield to Skylla's tower -- not without some comments form Eric about his having to save the day. They surprise the Gargoyle, Presto manages to trigger a release on their enchanted cage, and together they imprison the Gargoyle in his own mistress's trap.

Skylla returns just as the heroes are about to sneak their way out of the chamber, flies into a rage, and begins the Stone Curse. Presto, in a panic, holds up the tiny charm, covering his eyes, and the curse magically is deflected by the charm back at Skylla -- who turns to stone from her own Curse.

Having defeated Skylla and broken the Curse, the high-tail it back to the land of the Tolpits to find a tremendous celebration with Sheila and Yugol back to normal. Hank lectures Sheila about running ahead and not listening to the Dungeon Master and Sheila, with her fingers crossed, promises never to do it again.

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  1. I am so glad Skylla was spared the embarassment of appearing on this show. If only the same could be said of Kelek, Warduke and even Strongheart.