Zandora's box

A chest belonging to the sorceress Zandora that when opened at specific locations will lead to otherworldly places. The chest is unusually heavy for something that is empty and when opened the base configures into stairs allowing descent into a new world. The heroes discover the chest in a fissure opened by an earthquake. Dungeon Master explains what the chest does and provides them with a map and instructing them to open it at midday in the shadow of Skull Mountain to release the trapped owner, Zandora, who knows the whereabouts to create a portal home for the heroes.

The chest is opened in a swamp during a bullywug ambush and the bullywugs enter it thinking it contains treasure. Closing the chest, tipping it over and opening it again the heroes are surprised to find the chest empty and the bullywugs gone.

Venger creates an illusory Skull Mountain to trick the heroes into opening it there and entering into a dangerous dimension, thinking they will find Zandora there. Diana likens the dimension to the twilight zone and the heroes battle a giant wasp there.

The chest is opened at the proper Skull Mountain at midday to release Zandora.

In gratitude Zandora then teleports the heroes to a natural bridge as the chest opens a portal home when opened there. When the heroes enter the chest the stairs disintegrate and they tumble through a void and into a passing roller-coaster car that transports them back to the amusement park.

Venger opens the chest adjacent to the natural bridge in the hope of retrieving the heroes' totems and inadvertently enters Tiamat's lair.

Eric opens the chest near to the collapsed natural bridge in the hope of creating a portal home again but this new spot releases the bullywugs from the swamp instead.

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