The Millennium Children

The Millennium Children was the original title for The Lost Children episode.

There are many differences between the original script and the cartoon, notably:

The race from the planet Axon are now indigenous to the Realm and called the Philogos.

The Philogos are mind-readers and claim it is one of their many abilities.

There are three boys called Gorgi, Profo and Jim-Jim and two girls called Mocki and Ooba.

Alfor is building a time-space portal instead of repairing his spaceship. This device can be used to remove people from the Realm. Venger wants to eradicate Dungeon Master with it but it can also be used to transport the heroes home.

Sheila does not get captured inside the castle but does a successful reconnaissance.

There is no battle with the Cyclopes, instead Hank fires an energy arrow that serves as a grappling hook and rope to climb the castle's wall.

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