amusement park

The six heroes visit the unnamed amusement park on a Sunday and ride the hexed roller-coaster that transports them into the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons. The kids managed to get back to the amusement park twice but ultimately had to return to the Realm.

In the Beauty And The Bogbeast episode they travelled up the River That Rains Upside Down and emerged in one of the park's lakes. Unfortunately a metamorphosed Eric remained as a bogbeast so dove back down into the Realm, with his friends deciding to follow rather than abandoning him.

In The Box episode they enter the void inside Zandora's box and were transported by a flying roller-coaster car back to the amusement park, but Venger follows them and demands their totems which unfortunately are powerless on Earth. Venger destroys a phone booth, hot dog stand and a Ferris wheel with further threats on destroying their planet. Not wanting to surrender their totems as Venger would be able to conquer the Realm and powerless on Earth to stop his carnage the heroes escape back to the Realm, knowing that Venger will have to pursue them and spare their world if he wants the totems.


  1. Could the amusement park be called Loonyland? When the kids choose to return to the Realm on the rollercoaster Presto says, "When in Loonyland do as the loonies do."

  2. I've checked the script for that episode and loonyland isn't capitalized so not a proper noun. Guess it was just how Eric chose to describe their predicament.

  3. From the looks of the castle and steam boat, it really reminds me of Disneyland, there is even a quick snap of what looks like Matterhorn Bobsleds in the opening credits on the right.