cartoon show book 2: Backward Magic

Backward Magic is the second of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Book series. The writing is second person narrative and gives the reader options on how the story progresses, depending on what the protagonist decides. This trademarked game book system is called Pick A Path To Adventure. The protagonist in this book is Presto the magician.

The introduction is as follows:

You are Presto [the] Magician. Tossed into a strange land from a roller coaster ride, you and your friends are wandering lost, trying to find a way home. Given magical weapons, you have been following the advice of an odd little man called Dungeon Master and fighting the forces of evil ever since.

Shadow demons are trying to pull Eric into a deep, dark cave. He could disappear forever! Eric might be a pest, but he's your friend too, and you've got to save him - fast!

Will you try to pull something from your magic hat even though it's been working strangely - even backwards?

Or will you ask the flying camel-lion to use his magic to help Eric?

The choice is yours!

Author: Jean Blashfield
Illustration: Ivor Janci
Cover: Jeffrey Butler
UK price: £1.75

ISBN: 394-72962-5


  1. Freakin' sweet Venger pose on the back! Would love to see that drawn larger and colored! Wow!

    [Word verification: brifiat: a short Fiat. lol Sorry. Guess I'm in a silly mood. :D]

  2. He looks like he's playing a game of charades but getting quite frustrated with his orc audience. (This is how he passes time in between his nefarious schemes.)

    "Imbeciles! It was clearly Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot."

  3. LMAO! Agreed! Good one! X-D

  4. LOL! XD

    Fools! It was "Throw Momma from the Train".
    Perhaps now I'll throw you into the Dungeon of Darkness."

  5. I had this one when I was a kid. I wore that chain thing around my neck like a slave for all eternity because of that filthy camel grrrr