cartoon show book 3: The Witch's Spell Book

The Witch's Spell Book is the third of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Book series. The writing is second person narrative and gives the reader options on how the story progresses depending on what the protagonist decides. This trademarked game book system is called Pick A Path To Adventure. The protagonist in this book is Sheila the thief.

The introduction is as follows:

You are Sheila [the] Thief. Tossed into a strange land from a roller coaster ride, you and your friends are wandering lost, trying to find a way home. Given magical weapons, you have been following the advice of an odd little man called Dungeon Master and fighting the forces of evil ever since.

Pig-faced orcs hold your friends prisoner. Venger insists that he'll keep them in his dungeon forever unless you agree to help him combat Tiamat, the five-headed dragon, who is destroying the Golden Woods.

Will you cooperate with Venger and ride Nightmare to the Golden Woods?

Or will you try to cast the Spell of Fire and Ice on Tiamat by yourself and then find some way to free your friends?

The choice is yours!

The reader as Sheila must stop Tiamat the dragon from razing the Golden Woods with her fiery breath. To do this the reader has to gain the spell book belonging to Agnes the witch and cast the spell of Fire And Ice which will cause Tiamat's red fire-breathing head and white ice-breathing head to fight each other. Unfortunately Venger has stolen the spell book from Agnes and also captured the other heroes who are held prisoner in his castle in the Black Mountains. The reader must navigate the Sunrise Mountains, meet a question worm named Mark and a sphinx named Sala along with encountering orcs, snake men, sprites and elves before returning the spell book to Agnes without letting Venger keep it.

Author: Linda Jacobs
Illustrations: Sam Grainger
Cover: Jeffrey Butler
UK price: £1.75

ISBN: 394-73959-0

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