cartoon show book 4: The Maze And The Magic Dragon

The Maze And The Magic Dragon is the fourth of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Book series. The writing is second person narrative and gives the reader options on how the story progresses, depending on what the protagonist decides. This trademarked game book system is called Pick A Path To Adventure. The protagonist in this book is Michael, Eric the cavalier's younger brother.

The introduction is as follows:

You are Michael. You've just discovered that your older brother, Eric, and his friends have been tossed into a strange land from a roller coaster ride. Given magical weapons, they are now following the advice of an odd little man called the Dungeon Master and fighting the forces of evil, trying to get home.

Now you too, have been magically transported to this land and must find a way out.

Stuck inside Venger's maze you and Eric have just landed inside the mouth of a monster. You have to get out fast, before you're swallowed whole!

Will you follow Eric's advice and try to fight the monster from the inside?

Or will you tickle your way out?

The choice is yours!

Author: Linda Lowery
Illustrations: Gary Williams
Cover: Jeffrey Butler
UK price: £1.75

ISBN: 394-74003-3

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