cartoon show book 5: The King Who Wore No Crown

The King Who Wore No Crown is the fifth of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Book series. The writing is second person narrative and gives the reader options on how the story progresses, depending on what the protagonist decides. This trademarked game book system is called Pick A Path To Adventure. The protagonist in this book is Hank the ranger.

The introduction is as follows:

You are Hank [the] Ranger. A strange furry blue monkey, who calls himself a Nablob, arrives with a puzzle which spells out the name of the person who is supposed to go on a quest to find the missing king of Aknar.

Once you solve the puzzle , you and your friends find yourselves in a race against time to find the king before Venger takes over the kingdom!

Will you be the one chosen to go with Nablob to find his king?

Or will there be another way to try to find the true king of Aknar?

The choice is yours!

The book contains puzzles such as a lammasu dot-to-dot, a titan dot-to-dot, a Titan Mountain maze, the titan's treasury treasure search and Folderol's scroll puzzle.

The book contains several apparent mistakes; Folderol knows what a dime is, both Folderol and the bandits know what dollars are, a harbour in the Realm has a couple of modern-looking yachts, Folderol convinces some bandits that Hank's bow is a type of guitar by plucking its string even though the bow is unstrung and has an energy string similar to the arrows when plucked.

The internal title page has the book's title as The Kings Who Wears No Crown contrary to the cover.  

Author: Linda Jacobs
Illustrations: Mitch O'Connell
Cover: Jeffrey Butler & Keith Parkinson
UK price: £1.25
ISBN: 394-74242-7


  1. This sounds like an interesting premise. Though strange because of Hank is 'isolated' from the group, premise sounds fun and, because it has an element of unconventional thinking and its matching wisdom in it, seems to be able to work.

  2. I love the cover to this. The blue chimpanzee terrifies me far more than the uninspired sheet ghost does. Don't think that's what the illustrator intended though as the chimp's supposed to be Folderol.

  3. Was just flicking through my copy of this and noticed something unusual; the title page has the book's proper title as "The King Who Wears No Crown".