cartoon show book 6: The Star Snatchers

The Star Snatchers is the sixth and final of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Show Book series. The writing is second person narrative and gives the reader options on how the story progresses, depending on what the protagonist decides. This trademarked game book system is called Pick A Path To Adventure. The protagonist in this book is Diana the acrobat.

The introduction is as follows:

You are Diana [the] Acrobat. You and your friends are attacked by shooting stars! Running for shelter, you suddenly notice the stars seem to be screaming! You try to figure out what is going on, when a terrible witch appears before you!

"You are doomed!" she shrieks, hurling fiery stars at you and your friends. You escape, but she captures your friends! Now you must get them back!

Can you solve the puzzles that may help you find your friends?

Or will you go alone into Shrieker's Pass and hope to find some other way of helping them?

The choice is yours!

Author: Linda Lowery
Illustrations: Gary Williams
Cover: Jeffrey Butler & Keith Parkinson
UK price: £1.25

ISBN: 0-88038-220-1

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