"Hey look; a Dungeons & Dragons ride!"

With these fateful words six friends visiting an amusement park one Sunday climb aboard a themed roller-coaster ride and are magically transported into the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons. Here they are mentored by a gnomish wizard named the Dungeon Master who assigns them roles along with magical totems.

Steadfast Hank is appointed ranger and given a bow that fires multipurpose arrows of golden energy, brash youngster Bobby is appointed barbarian and given a club that wreaks tremendous havoc, bumbling Albert who is nicknamed Presto is appointed magician and given a conjuring hat, timid Sheila is appointed thief and given a cloak of invisibility, Eric the haughty coward is appointed cavalier and given a shield complete with forcefield, while gymnast Diana is appointed acrobat and given a javelin that grows and shrinks.

Befriending a baby unicorn they nickname Uni the kids are soon caught in a skirmish between a five-headed dragon known as Tiamat and the fiendish Venger who wants their totems to subjugate the many-headed dragon queen before he can conquer the Realm.

Stranded in this fantastic world these new heroes must follow the Dungeon Master's cryptic advice as he guides them homewards on adventures exploring the strange Realm, battling monsters, opposing tyrants and outwitting Venger.


  1. I do love the new layout. I'm at home in the darkness.

    This site is awesomeness itself. We fans have needed a source like this for a long time. I applaud you for the work done here. I wouldn't even know how to go about finding the scripts and storyboards. That's why I'm so glad you're around. This is an excellent reference. Thank you for your efforts in putting all this together.

  2. Thanks, Rana.

    The scripts, Series Bible and storyboards were included in the BCI Eclipse box set in PDF format.

  3. You've gone beyond the impossible with this site. I hope I'm not being disloyal, but dashed if I don't think you've outdone even Zakiyah. Truly, truly excellent.


  4. Simply excellent ! For sure it was lots of work to put all that together !

    I wish I could put that much of energy in my blog XD

    Anyway, bookmarked :)


  5. Was a coloring book or similar ever made?

    Thanks for the PDFs BTW I have had no luck getting the originals from EBAY over the last 12 months.

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  7. This is my all time favorite cartoon. I wish there be some reruns but thats wishfull thinking.

    I absolutely love this site.

  8. Can't believe more people don't check this out,its got all the cartoons fav things and more,great job!

  9. Indeed, this is the ultimate site for Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series, thus far.

  10. What year did it first run on BBC 1 in england? What it 1984 to 1986?

  11. Not sure about the UK air dates. Wikipedia says the BBC ran it from 1984 to 1991 so, yes, the three seasons would probably have been aired between '84 and '86.

  12. Thanks,i remember it on BBC 1 and i think the school i was at around that time was from 84-86 so i guess thats right putting the too together now. Seems a shame that this cartoon in that time hasn't had a re-boot.:-/

  13. A terrific site wich gives all the information I could ever read and more.

    With the recent trend of revamping 80s series, D&Dc is a great candidate for a remake!

  14. I read somewheres (more than two place) that Bobby and Uni were voted the least popular main characters in this series, for being sheer annoying and an 'actionblock'. Hank followed right after for being too 'idealistic' and therefore hard to relate to.

    Based on this actual data taken from Rogull's site at the time of this comment, this poll seems to tell the tale well. What do you say?

    Favourite character?
    Bobby the barbarian 0 (0%)
    Diana the acrobat 3 (12%)
    Eric the cavalier 4 (16%)
    Hank the ranger 2 (8%)
    Presto the magician 3 (12%)
    Sheila the thief 6 (24%)
    Uni 0 (0%)
    Dungeon Master 2 (8%)
    Venger 2 (8%)
    Tiamat 3 (12%)

  15. I really like the site, visiting it several times a day; I've got a suggestion. For the 'Favorite episode' poll, it would be more telling of favorites and the episode's impact to enable ratings (1 star being lowest and 10 stars being the highest).

  16. This is the sweetest site ever! I LOVED this show back when I was a kid, even played the AD&D 3rd edition later on. Totally forgot about it though until I ran across the DVDs at Toy's-R-Us. I'm totally hooked again! This is SO much better than the brainless crap they put on TV nowadays. And the best part: it's become my little boy's favorite thing to watch with daddy! Thanks so much for all the info you've collected!

  17. Still not sure which intro I like the most,this intro is a classic,but the later one seemed a bit darker,both great non the less though.

  18. Today, September 21st, 2012 marks D&D:tAS' 29th Anniversary! A Podcast will come out today. Stay tuned!


  19. i remember it on BBC 1 and i think the school i was at around that time was from 84-86 so i guess thats right putting the too together now.

  20. I loved this cartoon .they made thundercats remake in 2011 .why nit this cartoon

  21. Hungarian released ultimate rare VHS series:

    1. WTF????? Where did you find that?

  22. hi there - just wanted to drop a line complement you on the content and navigation of your site. It is such a great companion to the series with all the links to references made in the show to certain places and info on the characters and monsters. As a fan, I just love browsing thru the episode guide while watching. Having played D&D and AD&D when I was younger, the production of this series was fantastic and when it finally came to DVD. i couldn't wait to buy it and re-watch all the episodes. Thanks again for taking the time to make a great site for fans of the show, rock on!

  23. I have never seen these bootleg knock off D&D/TMNT toys before Heroes of the World: Fighter, Mercion as April and Strongheart as Shredder. thought you would be interested in saving the pics


  24. Awesome, awesome sight.
    I thought you might enjoy this: