roller-coaster ride

The heroes enter the Realm unwittingly when they take a ride on a Dungeons & Dragons themed roller-coaster. Although called a roller-coaster by Hank (in The Box episode) it appears to be a dark ride/ghost train filled with animatronic monsters, including a dragon that breathes actual fire. As the car passes through an archway the children are suddenly warped into the Realm and find themselves dressed as their roles.

No explanation is given for the connection between the roller-coaster ride and the Realm but it cannot be a coincidence that a Dungeons & Dragons themed ride should transport people into a Dungeons & Dragons themed world so must have been planned by an intelligence. A possible suspect is the Dungeon Master who is prepared for the children's arrival, but the Series Bible had the abduction engineered by a mysterious barker who wears a demonic mask and pulls a lever before vanishing. In the Series Bible a sign reveals that the ride is closed for repairs and should not have been operating.

Later on the heroes find an abandoned roller-coaster car (in The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow episode) and discover that a girl named Terri and her dog Freddy were also abducted into the Realm by the ride. Although Terri's roller coaster car survived entry into the Realm the heroes' car seemed to dismantle during the transition judging by the introduction sequence.

A roller-coaster car also flies by to transport the heroes to the amusement park and then return them back to the Realm (in  The Box episode). Hank is convinced that it is their original roller-coaster car despite all the cars having the same design and this one being assembled.

In the introduction sequence the roller-coaster has the correct "Dungeons & Dragons" logo but in The Box episode it has changed to the incorrect "Dungeons and Dragons" logo, with the ampersand being replaced.

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