BCI Eclipse 5 disc DVD box set (triptych)

This Region 1 five disc box set comes in the form of a triptych that unfolds to show the panorama of Venger's castle featured in The Traitor episode on the inside. On the outside the front cover is a promotional poster by Bill Sienkenwicz, the back cover is a map of the Realm from the Sticker Book and the inner third panel is a model sheet of Venger.

Disc 1 shows Hank against a backdrop of lava from the Season 3 opening sequence. Disc 2 shows Diana against a backdrop of the illusory Skull Mountain. Disc 3 shows Eric against a backdrop of the Swamp of Darkness. Disc 4 shows Presto against a backdrop of the Forbidden Oasis of No Return. Disc 5 shows Sheila and Bobby against a backdrop of the City At The Edge Of Midnight.

Disc 5 contains the following special features:
  • Entering The Realm Of Dungeons & Dragons: 32 minutes documentary featuring interviews with the show's production team, writers, animators and network executives.
  • Commentary for The Night Of No Tomorrow and The Dragon's Graveyard.
  • The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow animated storyboard.
  • Choices (live action fan-made film by Sean Kennedy).
  • Alternate and rare footage.
  • Series Bible (PDF).
  • 16 Scripts (PDF): Beauty And The Bogbeast, The Box, Child Of The Stargazer, Day Of The Dungeon Master, The Dragon's Graveyard, Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn, The Garden Of Zinn, In search of The Dungeon Master, The Last Illusion, The Millennium Children, The Prison Without Walls, Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior, Requiem, Servant Of Evil, The Traitor and The Treasure Of Tardos.
  • Requiem script (PDF).
  • 3 storyboards (PDF): Cave Of The Fairie Dragons, City At The Edge Of Midnight and The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow.
  • CBS notes on series (PDF).
  • CBS notes on audience scores (PDF).
    The box set also contains an episode guide providing a synopsis of the episodes and their air dates as well as a list of extras featured on the fifth disc.

    The box set also came with the Animated Series Handbook. A 28 page hardback illustrated manual designed to be compatible with the (3.5 version) Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Inside were character sheets for Hank, Diana, Eric, Presto, Sheila, Bobby, Uni, Venger and shadow demon plus an adventure called Beneath The Blade Of Sword Mountain; a prelude to the Dragon's Graveyard episode. The handbook also included the map of the Realm featured on the back of the DVD cover.

    There is a diptych version of this box set.

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    1. im wondering if any edition of Dungeons And dragons have the Spanish Audio Track