E1 Entertainment 4 disc DVD box set

Format: PAL
Region: 2
Release date: 18 October 2004
ASIN: B000198AKC
EAN: 5030305620141

The E1 Entertainment box set is four discs in DVD covers in a cardboard slipcase. All discs have extra features on them.
  • Fan commentaries for Night Of No Tomorrow, Beauty And The Bogbeast, Servant Of Evil, The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow, Day Of The Dungeon Master, Dragon's Graveyard, Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn and Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman.
  • Original Series Bible.
  • Michael Reaves interview.
  • Title Sequence featurette.
  • Requiem featurette.
  • Requiem script.
  • Fan artwork.
  • Weblinks.
 The discs also have the additional DVD ROM content in PDF format:
  • Premises.
  • Scripts: Beauty And The Bogbeast, Servant Of Evil and Child Of The Stargazer.


  1. All of my fan art submissions to this DVD set were accepted and published. I would happily share them here if there was a "contact the webmaster" option.

    1. Hello, you can email me at rogull72@dungeonsdragonscartoon.com

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