DVD character profiles

Below are the 30 character profiles featured on the BCI Eclipse 5 disc box set (found on the fifth disc).

There are the following errors. Dekkion is misspelled as Dekion. Karrox is misspelled as Karoxx. Kawamung is not an ogre transformed into a giant but a bogbeast transformed into a giant ogre. Lukyan is misspelled as Lukion. Lolth is misspelled as Loth. And Ramoud is misspelled as Ramuud with Kahdesh being misspelled as Kadeesh.


  1. Whoa . . . OK. I REALLY have to go back to that last disc. How did I miss this? Thanks for posting it!

  2. Lolth is spelled incorrectly.

    1. Oh yes, I missed that too. I'll correct the entry. Thank you.