black-haired Sheila #2 goof

When the heroes escape the orc-besieged Moon Forest in a hot air balloon Sheila's hair is coloured black for several seconds.


  1. I have a good for you that I've never understood: A long time ago (when P2P networks were cool), I downloaded all the episodes. In DatHoD, when Venger reaches for the rock and picks it up, his pale blue arms are bare, except for the cuff. Later, when I got better quality copies of the show, his arms were not bare in that same scene.

    I wish I still had those low-quality early downloads, but I don't. But I swear I'm not finally losing it. I know his arms were bare, like at the end ToT.

  2. I thought you said Sheila™ HERSELF was colored black
    for several secs. MY MISTAKE.