CBS broadcast dates

The cartoon was originally broadcast in America on the CBS network between 1983 to 1985. Below are the specific broadcast dates for each episode.

Season 1

The Night Of No Tomorrow (September 17th 1983)
The Eye Of The Beholder (September 24th 1983)
The Hall Of Bones (October 1st 1983)
Valley of The Unicorns (October 8th 1983)
In Search Of The Dungeon Master (October 15th 1983)
Beauty And The Bogbeast (October 22nd 1983)
Prison Without Walls (October 29th 1983)
Servant Of Evil (November 5th 1983)
Quest of The Skeleton Warrior (November 12th 1983)
The Garden Of Zinn (November 19th 1983)
The Box (November 26th 1983)
The Lost Children (December 3rd 1983)
P.R.E.S.T.O Spells Disaster (December 10th 1983)

Season 2

The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow (September 8th 1984)
The Treasure Of Tardos (September 15th 1984)
City At The Edge Of Midnight (September 22nd 1984)
The Traitor (September 29th 1984)
Day Of The Dungeon Master (October 6th 1984)
The Last Illusion (October 13th 1984)
The Dragon's Graveyard (October 20th 1984)
Child Of The Stargazer (October 27th 1984)

Season 3

The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn (September 14th 1985)
The Time Lost (September 21st 1985)
Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman (September 28th 1985)
The Citadel Of Shadow (October 12th 1985)
Cave Of The Fairie Dragons (November 9th 1985)
The Winds Of Darkness (December 7th 1985)

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