Choices (fan-film)

Mack/Dadd Productions made a short fan-film based on the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon called Choices which was included on the BCI Eclipse 5 disc box set.

The video features Hank (played by Colter Allison) and Sheila (played by Katherine Leigey) but the actors are clearly not teenagers. The age discrepancy is explained by Sheila who comments about how long they have been in the Realm, suggesting years have passed (rather than the actors playing younger versions).

The video begins with Hank and the corpse of a man, with Hank feeling guilt over killing somebody for the first time. Sheila comments that it is not Hank's fault where the man fell, suggesting the man fell accidentally off a cliff in an altercation with Hank. Hank retrieves a map from the corpse that is supposed to get them past Venger and his armies but disenfranchised with previous failed attempts to return home doubts whether the map will help and likens it to a wild goose-chase. He proposes that they should accept they are stranded in the Realm for good and should just live their lives on a farm instead of following Dungeon Master's quests. Referring to his dead victim he speculates that perhaps death is the only way out of the Realm.

An orc attacks Hank and grabs the map from him but Sheila turns invisible, hits the orc with a rock and throws his axe away. The orc grabs the dead man's sword but Hank knocks the weapon out of his hand with an energy arrow before binding him with another. Notching another arrow he points it at the orc's head and comments that if anybody should die it should be the orc. Sheila protests and Hank spares the orc's life despite the orc goading him on.

Screeching roars are heard and Hank and Sheila retrieve the map and flee leaving the bound orc who comments that an unnamed female is approaching. Possibly referring to Tiamat the dragon who is responsible for the roars.

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