Shadows Edge

A strange shadowy land whose terrain consists of leafless trees, rocks and caves. It is populated by shadow demons. Venger sometimes banishes his enemies here. As with the Realm of Light magic works backwards here with Presto's spells being reversed (shrinking things instead of enlarging things) and Eric's shield allowing shadow demons to pass through it.

Shadows Edge can be exited by an undefined gate between two stone pillars. The gate takes the traveller back into the Realm to where he or she wants to be and disappears making return impossible.

Shadows Edge does not have an apostrophe.


  1. Whoa . . . I do not remember this! What episode/premise, or whatever, is this from? Sounds cool!

    [The word verification wants me to type "dooking." *giggles*]

  2. Tsk. Labels. The cartoon show book Backward Magic. (Just had the book drop through my letterbox yesterday so thought I'd better rifle through it for possible entries.)

  3. Oh, I honestly didn't notice whether there were labels or not. :D I was too stuck on "I don't remember this!" You find all da goodies. Thankfully. That's why we love having you around. *thumbs up*