bow of the ranger

One of the magical totems given to the heroes by the Dungeon Master is a bow, and this is received by Hank who inherits the role of ranger.

The bow is unstrung but when plucked a string and arrow materialise, both composed from yellow energy. The arrow can be fired to perform various stunts but Hank sometimes just holds one notched to serve as a torch. Hank has notched two arrows at the same time before.

The energy that the arrow is composed of is unknown but when fired at a shambling mound it caused the monster to grow. (Shambling mounds are invigorated when electrified.) Hank has fired an arrow that is powerful enough to blow up a waterfall's cliff face. One of his arrows also destroyed the legendary Circle of Power, although the fragility of that artefact is unknown. 

A common trick that Hank employs is to fire arrows that wrap around the target like a hoop, leaving them bound and helpless. He has used this on Venger, bullywugs, a yeti, giant wasps, a twilight zone wasp, a dragon turtle, a phantom stalker, the demodragon and Tiamat but with the last four managing to break free.

The arrows can produce heat too as Hank fired one into a glacier to melt a tunnel. An arrow fired earlier also cleaved the glacier neatly in two, although the arrow may have just triggered the portal hidden inside the ice to reveal itself rather than providing the necessary force to split and part the glacier. Another heated arrow was fired to weld the ankles of an iron-golem together.

Hank fired an arrow into Bobby's club to sweep him away from Tiamat and pins the club to a nearby rock. A similar stunt is done to rescue Bobby and Uni from the iron golem by knocking them from its grasp and having the two straddling the arrow like a flying broomstick.

Hank fired an arrow as a signal flare but also as a flare to dazzle the snail people and as fireworks to frighten some bullywugs.

When escaping from king Varin's army Hank fired two arrows down a tunnel that exploded and solidified into a glassy pane to block the advancing soldiers. Unfortunately the soldiers were able to shatter the pane easily as if it was glass.

When in the desert above the bogbeast's valley the bow twitched like a divining rod as if sensing the River That Rains Upside Down. When Hank fired an arrow into the sky it plummets back down, boring through the cavern ceiling of the subterranean valley to where the river is.

When Eric is plummeting to the ground after jumping off a roc Hank double notches his bow and fired eight arrows into the ground below. The arrows then embed circularly with their nocks bending inwards and joining to form a trampoline for the cavalier to land on.

Hank fired an arrow across a chasm to form a bridge that can support him and the other heroes as they fled from Venger.

When Presto is hanging off of a cliff Hank fired two arrows that embedded and solidified below each of the magician's feet to act as supporting steps. Something similar is mentioned in the Series Bible with arrows being shot diagonally into a wall to provide an impromptu staircase.

Hank has also used arrows to form a rope and lasso. He has done this once in the Maze Of Darkness, twice in the twilight zone to grapple onto a cage then again later to haul himself up some broken stairs and once in Darkhaven to lasso a gondola.

The Series Bible also mentions that an arrow can boomerang back to Hank, after scooping its target up.

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  1. A boomerang arrow to boot? Wow, Hank's got some powerful weapon.