cloak of the thief

One of the magical totems given to the heroes by the Dungeon Master is a cloak, and this is received by Sheila who inherits the role of thief.

The violet cloak is cowled and when the hood is drawn up it renders the wearer invisible indefinitely. If the hood is lowered whether voluntarily or involuntarily then the wearer becomes visible again.

When Sheila was knocked over in the Dragon's Graveyard by a whirlwind summoned by a skeleton wielding a magical morningstar  her hood was blown off and she became visible again.

The cloak was ripped by Uggar when he grabbed Sheila but was magically repaired by the Dungeon Master after his immersion in the Heart of Dawn. The cloak was depleted of magic at the time and may have ripped so easily because of this or it may have the normal durability of the fabric it is made from.

Whenever the hood is raised a sound effect can be heard that is the same sound effect when the Dungeon Master first conjured the totems into the heroes' possession.

The original concept for the cloak also allowed Sheila to become intangible as well as invisible and walk through some walls. Although it was never specified which walls she could walk through and which walls she could not and could have depended on what the wall was built from or its thickness. However, this idea was rejected and the cloak was downgraded to just a cloak of invisibility instead.


  1. Whenever I get to my fan intro for Dungeons & Dragons, the intro will show her transporting the kids to another place in the realm just by them touching the cloak.

    The whole walking through walls should have been done. She should be able to do it once or twice per day.

  2. I think the weapon's powers are far greater than they seem. At times, when she becomes invisible, any enemy or projectile that was just about to hit her passes through with no effect. Also, usually when trying to distract enemies, she seems to be able to traverse great distances at speed once the artifact has been activated. I believe that rather than becoming invisible she instead becomes ethereal, impervious to non-magical attacks and able negate the laws of time and space, albeit at a basic level. Just a theory.