Venger resurrects #1

Venger has had his body destroyed six times in the cartoon but has somehow managed to resurrect himself, usually with a phantom version of himself rising from his apparent demise.

When Venger battles the spirit warriors in the Hall of Bones the sepulchre is destroyed in a mushroom cloud. The observing heroes speculate whether Venger has perished or not but the answer comes when his towering bat-winged image rises from the destruction before vanishing.


  1. He 'died' at least five times. don't forget Episode 8, 'Servant of Evil', when he emerges as a smoke cloud over the fiery volcano. I'll send you a screen capture.

  2. Servant Of Evil?

    But he doesn't die though! He falls into the moat but just before he hits the lava the reflected spell he cast at Karrox conjures him away. So the volcanic Venger wasn't his resurrected spirit but a spell to express his annoyance with the heroes.

  3. And two more (I think):The prison without walls(when it is destroyed by his own power more with the magic of Lukyan and the Heart of the dragon) and the time lost(when the Josef' jet he crashes against the crystal of Chronos)

  4. You're right about the Time Lost episode when the Crystal of Chronos explodes, Giga-Tiamat. Venger and his nightmare sort of disintegrate. I think I forgot about this because no spirit thing departed.

    Venger appears to perish at the end of the Prison Without Walls episode but Lukyan states that he's only been banished for a moment. So no death there.

    (I'll add a resurrection entry for the Crystal of Chronos.)