How old is Bobby? How old is Hank? How is Diana? How old is Presto? How old is Eric? How old is Sheila? None of these questions were answered directly in the cartoon but the Series Bible states the ages of four of the heroes.

Bobby is stated to be eight years old in the Series Bible. This means that the birthday he is celebrating in the Servant Of Evil episode is his ninth. Four episodes later in the Lost Children episode, when gathering firewood with Sogor, Bobby claims that he is nearly ten. But from a deleted scene in the Servant Of Evil script Sheila claims that her brother is seven years old, making his birthday the next day his eighth, although this contradicts the Series Bible and would make the three intervening episodes span a period of nearly two years.

Hank is stated to be fifteen years old in the Series Bible.

Diana is stated to be a year younger than Hank in the Series Bible, making her fourteen years old.

Presto is stated to be fourteen years old in the Series Bible.

Eric's age is not stated but in the Time Lost episode he claims that he took history three times, possibly suggesting that he has finished his twelfth grade education and had to resit his history exam twice.

Sheila's age is not stated.

Uni's age is not stated.

In the script for Requiem a repentant Venger admits that he became the pupil of the Nameless One millennia ago, so as he used the plural term he is at least two thousand years old.

Dungeon Master, being Venger's father, must also be at least two thousand years old and senior to Venger.

Although not canon, the Los Jóvenes Dragones series which is a Spanish translation of the English Pick-A-Path-To-Adventure books has a character summary on the back pages that states their ages; Hank is fifteen, Diana is fourteen, Presto is twelve, Eric is fifteen, Sheila is thirteen and Bobby is eight.


  1. Eric might be exaggerating at taking history three times. Plus, he could have taken history once during summer school. At the oldest, I put him at 17- still, I believe he's fifteen. It could also be that Eric's parents- possibly out of hubris- may have pushed him to take courses earlier than most kids.

  2. Wait....the series bible states that Hank, at age 15, IS the oldest, which automatically makes Eric no older than 15. That means either Eric is exaggerating, or his parents placed him in History or AP History too early.

  3. I think that in some ways all this conjecture is a moot point- I have a theory- and I am probably not the first to think this- that all the children died on the ride in some terrible malfunction-mishap- and the Dungeons and Dragons world is actually hell (with the DM being the devil- for who else would keep offering help and a way home, only to dash hope again and again with all these quests?).

    1. If so why would DM cry in an episode when eric says venger is all bad? I read alot on this idea with some people and after watching all the show several times i can't find any full on connection to support the whole hell idea. The show is what is it is,fantasy adventure in a strange magical world,with both good and evil. To me its as simple as that.

    2. Rather like the children in the Lion, The Witch and Wardrobe series by CSLewis? They are all revealed to have died in the blitz in the very last book if I remember

    3. If "Hell" is a bit heavy how about the Sidpa Bardo? It fits perfectly right down to the repetitive quests that prevent true advancement...

  4. I thought I heard in a snippet of dialogue from one of the episodes that Sheila is 13...

  5. No significant amount of time need have passed between Servant of Evil and The Lost Children. Bobby'd hardly be the first newly minted 9-year-old to decide that a month or two into being 9 constituted being "almost 10." I'd say you can probably disregard anything said in a deleted scene; it WAS deleted for a reason, after all.