club of the barbarian

One of the magical totems given to the heroes by the Dungeon Master is a club, and this is received by Bobby who inherits the role of barbarian.

The club looks like a simple hewn branch but can deliver tremendous damage and emit shockwaves along the ground, causing it to rupture open as if experiencing an earthquake.

Some of the more destructive things the club has wreaked is collapsing a waterfall's cliff-face and partially destroying the Maze of Darkness. In the latter example, Bobby was launched at its ziggurat like a missile but survived the explosion unscathed so possibly the club also bestows the owner some degree of invulnerability, although he has suffered minor wounds before too, such as a scratch from a dragon turtle.

The club can also be used as a bat to deflect projectiles and energy bolts.

When the Dungeon Master examined the depleted club in the Hall Of Bones episode it faded in and out of existence similar to how the Dungeon Master faded in and out of existence when he too was depleted of magic in the Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn episode.

Venger was annoyed but not angry when Karrox told him that the club had fallen into the lava below the Prison Of Agony. This may suggest that the club is resilient to lava and could be salvaged, as a loss of one of the totems would ruin Venger's plans to subjugate Tiamat and doubtlessly anger him.


  1. LOL, now I see it, the Uni' horn is very deformed.

  2. Yeah, not too sure what's happened there. I think Tiamat must have dented it.

  3. Tiamat accidentally trod on Uni like an upturned thumbtack! This is why the dragon was so annoyed and chasing the unicorn during the intro!