javelin of the acrobat

One of the magical totems given to the heroes by the Dungeon Master is a javelin, and this is received by Diana who inherits the role of acrobat.

The javelin appears to be wooden but glows green.

Although called a javelin it does not have a pointed head and is blunt like a staff, but despite this it is just as aerodynamic as a spear.

Diana can mentally will the javelin to shrink down to a few inches so that it can be stored in her belt or expand up to six foot.

The javelin seems to be robust but it has been snapped in half before in the jaws of a dragon turtle but was magically repaired by Diana who simply fused the two parts by touching them together. When the javelin broke she did not seemed bothered or pay particular attention to connecting the two parts so possibly this has happened before in an off-screen adventure or ownership of this totem gave her an innate knowledge of how to repair the javelin.

Diana normally uses the javelin as a vaulting pole or quarterstaff when faced with enemies but has developed a stunt where she whirls it impossibly fast like a propeller to act as a shield or to shred weapons such as spears. She has also thrown a whirling javelin and had it ricochet off walls like a spinning top. When thrown it  can return back to her like a boomerang. The javelin can also be used defensively to parry or deflect bolts of energy.

The Series Bible states that ownership of the javelin augments Diana's muscle and agility but if she is without it for more than thirty seconds then she loses this augmentation.


  1. This was very useful to the children,it seems almost unbreakable and the ability to grow in size saved them on a few occasion. So much more from this series with all the totems could be used in a re-boot of the cartoon. Can't believe no major company has done it yet,he-mans new series from 2002 onwards was huge,this would be as big for sure!

    1. Yeah, a real shame that is, too. They should make at least the unwritten premises (there are eight of them) and then the final episode.

  2. With the Reboot of Thundercats and just general intrest of older shows I've come back to watch D&D and believe that it really should get a sequel series where it's been the actual 27 years after requiem and everything.

  3. Why is it called a javelin? You'd think it would be called a quarterstaff.