shield of the cavalier

One of the magical totems given to the heroes by the Dungeon Master is a shield, and this is received by Eric who inherits the role of cavalier.

The shield is golden in colour and bears the motif of a white eagle's head upon a black disc, looking to the left.

In heraldry the shield would be described as: Or, on a roundel sable an eagle's head erased  contourné,  Argent. (Or [gold], on a roundel sable [black] an eagle's head erased [uneven neck line] contourné [looking to the left] Argent [white/silver].) A roundel sable could be replaced with the terms gunstone, pellet or ogress. 

The shield has a forcefield that can absorb or deflect attacks. Normally the forcefield is contracted around the shield itself with Eric crouched behind it, but it can be expanded as a dome to protect other people. The forcefield has a glowing energy signature.

The shield can also deflect spells. When Venger fired a mystic bolt at Eric in The Eye Of The Beholder episode the spell bounced back at him and  trapped both him and his nightmare mount in an energy bubble.

There is a goof in The Box episode where the eagle on the shield is looking to the right instead of the left when the heroes return to the amusement park.

The original concept for the shield had it levitate too but in an independent manner and usually contrary to what Eric wanted, such as dragging him into battle. Although this idea was rejected and the shield was downgraded to just having a force field, but two examples of its levitational powers exist in the premises; in the Day Of The Dragons premise Eric levitates his shield piled up with treasure out towards Tiamat to pacify her and in Yugol And The Curse Of Stone the shield is used as a substitute flying carpet for Eric and Bobby.


  1. Have to say its a pretty cool weapon eric had,was good to see the different abilities of its power.

  2. Agreed. It was an underrated asset to the kids' survival, and would have benefited them more if the shield Did have a mind of its own. It'd have added drama to the series flatter shows (e.g. Cave of the Faerie Dragons, as when Eric slams his shield into King Varin's army.

    1. I always remembered that moment as a kid. I always saw Eric as underestimated, as well as his defensive "weapon." But here he was using the shield offensively to push back the soldiers. I always liked the character best after that.

  3. It always appeared to be a griffon's head to me.

  4. It IS a griffon's head, not an eagle.

  5. But a griffon has an eagle's head...