La Aventura Fantastica

La Aventura Fantastica (Spanish for "A Fantasy Adventure") is a Spanish board game produced by the Didacta company for 2 to 4 players ages 7 and upwards. The reference number is 3021.

The game is card and dice based with the cards separated into four decks on the gaming board with the players having to collect one Treasure card, three Dragon cards and one Exit card to win. Dragons can be defeated with Force cards that have the magical totems printed on them but if the player does not have these then he can gamble by rolling the dice to defeat it instead. Other cards such as the signposted Bifurcation card allows the player to pick from another player's deck and the Dungeon cards act as a miss-a-go rule.

The wooden dice is numbered one to four with the five and six faces replaced with a star. The dice is used for fighting dragons.

Although the printed contents have the correct amount of cards, the rules state that the cards should be divided into 4 decks of 26 instead of 23. It seems that the original version of this game was to have 104 cards as this number is given on the printed insert's contents list too.

Packaged on the bottom of the box is an insert with a mistake; the contents list 104 cards but there are only 92. The rules printed on the inside of the lid state the correct amount.


PREPARATION: Shuffle the cards and sort them into 4 decks of 23 based on card's reverse image, so you have groups of Bow, Club, Hat and Javelin. Then place each deck onto one of the playing board's blue, green, pink or orange boxes. Each deck will have 10 Adventure (A) cards, 4 Dungeon (M) cards, 4 Dragon (D) cards, 2 Force (F) cards, 1 Exit (S) card, 1 Bifurcation (B) card and 1 Treasure (T) card.

OBJECTIVE: Players must find the treasure, beat three dragons and find the exit that will allow them to return home.

STARTING THE GAME: Each player will choose a deck (bow, club, hat or javelin). The first player will turn over the top card of their deck and, depending on the letter revealed, he can either keep it or put it aside in a pile. Then assign the next player.

ADVENTURE CARDS: In each deck there are 10 such cards, marked with the letter "A". These cards are neutral; each time a player finds one he must put it onto the discarded pile. There is no difference between Adventure cards with scenery and heroes (Hank, Eric and Sheila) printed on them.

BIFURCATION CARDS: In each deck there is 1 such card, marked with the letter "B". This card forces the player to pick a card from another deck on his next turn. This card is put onto the discarded pile.

DRAGON CARDS: In each deck there are 4 such cards, marked with the letter "D". The player has encountered a dragon. He can either fight the dragon or evade the dragon. The dragon can be defeated automatically by playing a Force card otherwise the player can risk combat by rolling the die; a star result means he has defeated the dragon but a result of 1 to 3 means the player has been defeated and the player must start over again by shuffling all his kept and discarded cards back into the deck, a result of 4 means the player is scared and must discard the Dragon card. If the dragon is defeated the card is kept. Alternatively, the player can evade the dragon and discard the Dragon card but in future he must draw from another deck.

FORCE CARDS: In each deck there are 2 such cards, marked with the letter "F". These cards provide the force necessary to defeat a dragon. The player keeps this card and when he draws a Dragon card he can defeat it automatically; keeping the Dragon card and putting the Force card in the discarded pile.

DUNGEON CARDS: In each deck there are 4 such cards, marked with the letter "M" (for "mazmorras" which is Spanish for dungeon). The player is locked in a dungeon and must miss a turn; putting the card in the discarded pile.

EXIT CARDS: In each deck there is 1 such card, marked with the letter "S" (for "salida" which is Spanish for exit). The player keeps this card as it allows him to return home after he has defeated three dragons and found the treasure.

TREASURE CARDS: In each deck there is 1 such card, marked with the letter "T". The player keeps this card and now must collect three Dragon cards and an Exit card to win.

END OF GAME: The game ends when a player manages to collect the Treasure card, the three Dragon cards and the Exit card. The first player to get all five cards wins. If a player reaches the end of his deck without having achieved the target set then he is eliminated from the game; lost forever in the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons!

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