El Traidor

El Traidor is a Spanish-language, twenty-four page, colour-illustrated, softback book retelling The Traitor episode. It was published by Timun Mas in 1985.

The book is part of a series of six; El Jardin De Los Zinn (The Garden Of Zinn episode), El Dia Del Amo Del Calabozo (Day of The Dungeon Master episode), El Tesoro De Los Tardos (The Treasure Of Tardos episode), La Ultima Ilusion (The Last Illusion episode) and La Caja (The Box episode).

The story was also compiled in the triple-volume compilation; El Tesoro De Los Tardos.

There is a French-language version of this book called La Traîtrise by Nathan publications.

ISBN: 84-7176-790-2

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