Heraclio Fournier Vitoria card game

In 1985 Heraclio Fournier Vitoria produced a Spanish-language card game based on the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon where players have to discard all their dealt cards. Each deck was colour coded and depicted an episode; The Traitor (green), The Last Illusion (red), The Treasure Of Tardos (blue) and Day Of The Dungeon Master (yellow). Along with the 32 cards was another card explaining the rules.

The box's artwork is based on the box's artwork from the Quest For The Dungeonmaster game.  

Each player is dealt four cards (or seven cards if there are only two players) with the remaining deck placed with the top card face-up beside it (if a five is revealed then it should be shuffled back into the deck and the next top card revealed instead). Players take turns placing one of their cards face-up on the revealed deck, matching either the number or colour of the previous card (e.g.: 3 matches 3 and red matches red). Fives are wild and the player placing it decides its colour and number. If a player has no cards that will match the current card or wild cards then he must draw another from the unrevealed deck until a legal play can be made, but if there are no remaining cards then he passes instead. The player to discard all his cards is the winner.

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