Comics Forum

The Spanish company Comics Forum printed 27 comic adaptations of each cartoon episodes on a weekly basis between 1985 and 1986 with each issue costing 125 pesetas. The inside back cover would sometimes have activity pages such as a colour-by-numbers or jigsaws.

The back cover to the final issue (#27) showing Martha. The only issue to have extra artwork on the back cover.

The inner front cover to the final issue (#27). The artwork is recycled from the last panel of the cartoon synopsis normally featured in the inner covers. Translated below is their goodbye message.

"Hello friends, today is a very special day for everyone. It is the day we say farewell to you. During 27 weeks we have shared your life and our adventures, on TV and in the Comics Forum... but we now how to leave but not forever. You already know that Dungeons & Dragons is a TV series, a comic book and more than that it is a game, a challenge to your intelligence. And so, through play and the memories of our adventures in the comic, you can remember us constantly. Maybe some day come back to see us... until then, receive all the love, Sheila, Diana, Bobby, Presto, Hank, Eric and Uni. And the Dungeon Master."

A cartoon synopsis showing how the heroes entered the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons was printed in the inside covers. Generally it was a two page feature with the first page printed in the inner front cover and the second page printed in the inner back cover, although sometimes only the second page was printed in the inner front cover to make room for either an advert or past-times activity that was printed in the inner back cover instead. These single page variants were sometimes printed in yellow, blue or pink ink. All single page variants were printed at an askew angle.

All cover art was done by Pascual Ferry, notable for his inclusion of random creatures. Pascual Ferry was also the artist for issues #1, #10, #14, #16, #20 and #27. Francisco Javier Montes was the artist for issues #2, #7, #15, #18 and #22. Juan Bernet Toledano was the artist for issues #3, #9, #13 and #23. Eloy Garijo Casajuana was the artist for issues #4, #8, #11, #17 and #24. Ramon Gonzales was the artist for issues #12, #19, #21 and #25. Bernado Serrat Garcia was the artist for issue #5.

The 1987 Dungeons & Dragons Marvel Summer Special was a reprint of issue #4 "Prisión Sin Pardes" (the Prison Without Walls episode) with an English translation.

The 1987 Dungeons & Dragons annual reprints #1 "El Ojo Del Vigilante" (The Eye Of The Beholder episode) with an English translation but with the Beholder monster translated as Watchman. Artwork from the comic's first panel is used for a double page spread on both the annual's inner front and inner back covers and also in the Spot The Difference puzzle. The annual's 'This Book Belong To..." page and contents page recycle artwork from the double page introduction that was generally printed in the front and back inside covers.


  1. three issues missing from above listing:
    #17 El Traidor {The Traitor}
    #19 Eric Es Amo Porundia {Day of the Dungeonmster}
    #22 La Mazmorra En El Corazon Del lba {The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn}

    1. Yes, those are the three issues I'm missing!