Forgotten Realms: The Grand Tour

A limited edition Forgotten Realms: The Grand Tour comic was published by TSR and features adult versions of the heroes who still remain in the Realm. The story revolves around Presto asking the wizard Elminster if he would offer him apprenticeship. Uni is absent.

Presto never conjures anything from his hat but this may be because he has lost his totem as the hat he wears is grey and not green. Similarly, the other heroes seem not to have their totems; Sheila's cloak is the wrong colour and Diana's javelin looks like a regular pole.

Presto introduces himself to Elminster as Presto but after a hesitation corrects it to Preston. (This contradicts the Series Bible that states Presto is called Albert.)

The comic was written by Jeff Grubb and drawn by Todd Fox. Below are two pages that feature the heroes; with the remainder of the comic featuring just Presto.

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