Pintar Y Montar

Pintar Y Montar (Spanish for "Colour And Mount) is a Spanish game produced by the Didacta company for 1 to 2 players ages 7 to 14 years. (There are no actual rules and this is more a toy than a game.) The reference number is 3020.

There are 3 cardboard sheets (although the contents list states there are 6 possibly referring to their double-sides) with nine push-out characters of the principal cast plus a twelve-piece Tiamat the dragon that needs assembling. Printed on the box's inner tray is a guide to assembling the dragon. The sheets are double-sided with the same design on the reverse although the obverse is white and glossy but the reverse is a cream and matte quality. Six crayons are provided to colour the sheets. Nine yellow stands are provided to support the figures although the box shows them to be differing colours.

For scale purposes Sheila the Thief is 8 centimetres high.

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