sticker book (1985)

There were two sticker books published in 1985 and 1987 by St. Michael, and only made available in Marks & Spencer stores. The books were simple choose your own adventure type games but with the added twist of collecting stickers that would be added to a map to solve the ending.

Below is the 1985 issue.

The 1985 sticker book was written by Allen Sharp and illustrated by John Storey. The story had no proper title but the interactive version of this sticker book on the BCI Eclipse box set is called Kelek's Crystal.

The story's plot is that the Dungeon Master wants the heroes to find the force. This is a magic crystal that prevents the Realm and Earth merging, as Dungeon Master is worried about creatures from the Realm migrating to Earth and causing havoc. Kelek has stolen the force, broken it up and then used sorcery to metamorphose the four fragments into a unicorn's head, a dragon's head, an orc's dagger and Bobby's helmet as a means of disguise. The disguise is flawed though as each metamorphosed fragment glows with the magic of the force.

The heroes' progress is hindered by a nightmare-mounted Venger, Kelek, Zarak the half-orc assassin, Tiamat the dragon, orcs, a dragonne and hook horrors but helped by a bronze dragon-mounted Strongheart.

The four fragments can be arranged like a jigsaw into a twelve-pointed star and when their sticker counterparts are placed centrally on the sticker book's map the points spell out how to return home to the amusement park. by instructing the reader which entry to read. The answer being "top of page six".

The map is duplicated on both the diptych and triptych versions of the BCI Eclipse DVD box set but with "sticker book map" replaced with "world map".)

Below are the two sticker sheets.


  1. Thats really cool.

  2. I used to have this book! LOVED IT!!!!!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing the sticker book that has the much interesting and lovely content inside it.

  4. Just played it w/o the stickers so I got stuck after collecing the different pieces. Thanks for the solution! Wonder if I can make the stickers from the images I have?