sticker book (1987)

There were two sticker books published in 1985 and 1987 by St. Michael, and only made available in Marks & Spencer stores. The books were simple choose your own adventure type games but with the added twist of collecting stickers that would be added to a map to solve the ending.

Below is the 1987 issue.

The 1987 Sticker Book was written by Gerry Bailey and illustrated by Julek Heller.

Both the front and back covers feature Venger battling the Spirit King inside the Hall of Bones with the Skull of Power visible in the background.

There are 20 pages plus a glossy coloured double-sided centrefold showing a map, Lolth's lair and a double spread mossy scene of what is possibly the Moss Marshes mentioned on the map. There is also a centrefold of nineteen stickers that can be used to stick onto the glossy centrefold. The stickers of the Spirit King's armour are to be stuck on the map to help solve a clue.

The plot of this unnamed story concerns the heroes helping the Spirit King find his magic armour and sword which have been stolen and hidden by Kelek. This involves travelling around the places mentioned on the map before a confrontation with Venger in the Hall of Bones. The story cannot be part of the cartoon continuity as the Hall of Bones is no longer destroyed and Venger employs his Hector the Halfling disguise again to fool the heroes. One mistake is that Uni is given a male gender.

Below is the map with the silhouette of the Spirit King's magic mail shirt to show where to put the corresponding sticker.

Below are the two sticker sheets. (Only 18 stickers are shown as one is missing from the bottom right-hand corner of the first sheet; this may have been the Dungeon Master.)

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