Summer Special

Marvel released a Summer Special in 1987 reprinting #4 (recounting the Prison Without Walls episode) of Comic Forum's Dragones Y Mazmorraz comic but translated from Spanish to English. The cover art is by Pascual Ferry and the interior art is by Eloy Garijo Casajuana. The pagination is 18 with the first two inner pages showing a prologue of how the heroes entered the Realm. The comic's dimensions are 28 x 21 centimetres.

There are several errors in the comic; two panels show the original Spanish beneath the English translation, the sound effects are in Spanish complete with inverted exclamation marks, the Vale of Mists is called the Valley Of The Fog, the Swamp of Sorrow is called the Swamp of Laments, Shadow Demon is called Spy-Shadow, Presto refers to an orc as an ogre, Bobby urges a captured Uni to transpose instead of teleport and calls her Uri, Hank refers to the Dungeon Master as the Dragon Master, plus the translator must have thought "barbarian" was supposed to be an insult as opposed to Bobby's class and decided to tone it down by having Lukyan call him a bird-brain instead.

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